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First Aid CourseFirst Aid Course

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First Aid Course


Karin Stöver

Tel: 07031 6904 805

Fax: 07031 6904 809

Umberto-Nobile-Str. 10

71063 Sindelfingen

Dates and online booking

Please register via the information phone of the German Red Cross district association Böblingen on
the phone number 0 70 31 - 69 04-0 (Monday - Saturday 8 - 20 clock). Dates and online booking see

The First Aid Course basically addresses all interested, since no previous knowledge is required. The high number of emergencies in various areas makes it urgently necessary to train as many first responders as possible.


Timo Vohrer


Tel: 07031 6904 822

Fax: 07031 6904 809


Umberto-Nobile-Str. 10

71063 Sindelfingen


  • Self-protection and protection of accident sites
  • Help in accidents
  • Wound care
  • Joint injuries and fractures
  • Overheating and overcooling
  • Burn and scald
  • Intoxication
  • Rescue position
  • Helmet decrease
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Many practical exercises

To be able to help properly is a good feeling! This course gives you the security of action in first aid in
almost every emergency in your free time and work.

9 lessons of 45 minutes plus breaks.
Basic course for all interested persons.
Requirement for driving licenses of class A, B, and C.
Necessary for trainers in sports and operational first responders in companies.

Kursanmeldung Online

Erste-Hilfe-Kurs auf Englisch/First Aid Course in English
April 2021
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Erste-Hilfe-Kurs auf Englisch/First Aid Course in English

Erste Hilfe Kurs in englischer Sprache
DRK KV Böblingen
Sa. 10.4., 09:00-17:00 Uhr
   65,00 € DRK KV Böblingen e.V.
Umberto-Nobile-Str. 10
71063 Sindelfingen (Flugfeld)
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